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From personal care to housekeeping and errand running,
our home care services can help manage your loved one’s comfort.

Welcome to AreyaCare

With over a decade of experience in providing home care services, our highly trained teams provide award-winning care. We prioritise residents’ personal preferences, wellbeing, independence, and safety in all that we do. 

Independence is defined by how you live rather than where you live, so if you are considering care for yourself or a loved one, contact Areya Care for the best home care service.

Uplifting At-Home Care

Our uplifting at home care services emphasise on ensuring we provide you with person centred care, your preferences are our priority. We pay attention to your physical, mental and social wellbeing in the comfort of your home. Further more we want you to live your best life. Our team of care givers are well trained, reliable, professional and they work flexible schedules to meet our clients evolving home care needs.


How Areya Care Helps You

Start Your Care Evaluation

Our Home Health Care Team is available to you whether you prefer a virtual call or an in-person assessment.

Select Your Premier Caregiver

Select from a pool of trained home care professionals who will assist you in providing care to your loved one around the clock.

Trust That We Will Take Care

We will take care of your loved one’s health, safety, and security We’re here to do it well so you don’t have to worry.